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Join the University Library and Center for Community Engagement in celebrating CONSTITUTION DAY 2011 – September 17.

Behind the scenes of the Constitution
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Test Your CONSTITUTION knowledge.

Here are several quizzes for you to find out how much you know about the US Constitution. Go ahead — give it a try.

Good Websites To Learn More about the Constitution

Federal Resources for Education Excellence - Information about how the Constitution was ratified. Search the constitution for information about specific topic (e.g. school prayer, Supreme Court decisions, view a 200 year Constitutional timeline of how the Constitution is related to our lives.

Library of Congress - Explore the documents upon which our nation is founded. Primary Source Documents Related to the United States Constitution Articles of Confederation, Constitution, Federalist Papers, Bill of Rights, 13th Amendment, 14th Amendment ,15th Amendment.

The Bill of Rights Institute - The Bill of Rights Institute is a non-profit organization with a mission to develop programs and curriculum that teach students about the founding of our nation and what it means to be an American citizen. The Bill of Rights Institute is dedicated to creating educational materials for teachers like you, in order to help young Americans appreciate constitutional principles that define us as a nation.

Constitution Preamble - Schoolhouse Rock

I'm Just a Bill - Schoolhouse Rock