Food & Drink Policy

When bringing food into the library, please be responsible and considerate of others:

  • Use sturdy, "spill-proof" containers to minimize damage to the library's resources, equipment and facilities.
  • Dispose of any trash, preferably in the outside trash bins to minimize attracting pests or vermin.
  • Take responsibility for your spills, crumbs or sticky tables and clean them up. A "spill kit" is available at each public service desk.
  • Please report any additional mess you see to library personnel immediately so the spill can be cleaned as quickly as possible.


  • Eating and drinking are not permitted in Special Collections.
  • The delivery of food to the library is not allowed (with the exception of campus-authorized events).

We are all responsible for keeping the building clean and pleasant. Please respect this policy and help us ensure full use and enjoyment of our resources, equipment and facilities for current and future users.