Teaching & Technology

Teaching, learning and technology are intertwined in a contemporary academic library. To prepare students for a highly competitive global environment, the University Library fosters information literacy. Help us create and sustain robust learning spaces that promote essential digital competencies.

Develop the Library Teaching Center

The Library Teaching Center is a place for collaborative learning and study. Here students and faculty take advantage of a variety of evolving technologies - electronic book readers, clickers, tablet PC’s, mobile devices, innovative classroom furnishings, and more.

Contribute to Digitizing Historic Documents

Historic photographs, manuscripts, letters and oral histories pertaining to the North Bay region are moving to the web, widening public access to many local treasures. Digitization projects cover historic preservation, immigrant experiences, environmental activism, and the Great Quake of 1906. Also, news columns and documents from the Gaye LeBaron Collection are continuously added to the University Library's web site.

Support Emerging Technology and Professional Development

Information technology is dynamic and so are we. The University Library's Innovation Fund permits the constant evaluation and integration of new technologies, giving our students easy and efficient access to information.