In Focus: Laurel Holmstrom-Vega

"I use the library often for researching a variety of topics in journals and books."

What is your role here at Sonoma State?

I am the Administrative Analyst for the Academic Senate. I also sit on the President's Diversity Council and am the facilitator for the Safe Zone Advisory Committee.

How do you use the library?

I use the library often for researching a variety of topics in journals and books. I enjoy the media section very much and also check out the Fun Reading area every so often. My favorite part of the library, besides all the great people who work there, is the Link+ service. I love having access to so many libraries and usually find what I'm looking for through that service. I enjoy the art gallery shows in the library because they are particularly excellent. In my job, I also use the library's ScholarWorks project to archive materials from the Academic Senate. We are the first non-academic department to put materials in ScholarWorks. The Senate has hardcopy archives too which are a constant project for my office. I also partner with the Library to keep the Excellence in Teaching Award display on the third floor up to date.

What is your best library memory?

It's hard to pick a best library memory because I have so many! Recently, I enjoyed sitting outside the Library on the 10th anniversary and listening to live music. And I have special relationships with many people who work in the Library, librarians and staff, and those bring me my best memories. You know who you are!

And recently, I was delighted to find (why hadn't I looked sooner?) that the Library has books by Agatha Christie that I actually hadn't read yet. They are checked out now!