In Focus: Lynne Morrow


The library is a goldmine for singers preparing recitals and concerts!

What is your research/creative focus?

I'm a Conductor who focuses on Opera and Music Theatre of ALL kinds. It's a VERY exciting area of music that encompasses all styles and is extremely collaborative. You need Singing Actors (or Acting Singers, depending on who you ask!) and Stage Directors and Scenic Designers and an Orchestra and often Dancers. It's creative and also a huge management task, working with so many artists moving toward a singular goal.

How has the library helped you achieve your goals in this area?

The Schulz Library has a vast store of music scores of operas and other music theatre (M 1500's). It also has a lot of librettos, the book or text of the shows (ML 50's). When you do a lot of research you learn the Library of Congress location system! This library also has an amazing number of Complete Works, collections of all of the compositions of many composers. I'm using them right now as I'm researching a program in the Spring for one of my professional choral groups.

What is your favorite library memory?

I bring the students from several of my classes to the library each semester. My favorite recurring moment is when singers discover Link+, the system that allows them to check out anthologies of music from libraries all over the state. A goldmine for singers preparing recitals and concerts!