In Focus: Ruth Burke

"The Library is a very cool place with equally cool people!"

What is your role here at Sonoma State?

I’m the Administrative Manager for the School of Science and Technology

How do you use the library?

I wish I could say that I use the library for some lofty pursuits but my ordinaire library haunts are feature films, popular reading, music CDs, travel destinations, and oversized art books.  I love those postcards for the Library Art Gallery not to mention the exhibits.

What is your best library memory?

My all-time best library memory is when the faculty and staff of the School of Science and Technology  (yes over 100 of us) moved into the Library while Darwin Hall was being remodeled.  The Library staff were all so cheerful with us, the intruders.  The media desk was awesome in helping us with our entertainment selections.  The circulation desk was always ready with a well-heeled quip and everybody enjoyed a visit now and then from the SST mascot, Spike (the stuffed ocelot).  Despite the cramped quarters, it was a very happy time.  The Library is a very cool place with equally cool people!