In Focus: Susan Kashack

Associate Vice President for Marketing & Communications

I can’t think of a better place to find a good book to read or do some fun research

What is your role here at Sonoma State?

I am the Associate Vice President for Marketing & Communications which means I oversee internal and external communications including crisis communications, strategic marketing and branding, and serve as website manager on the content side, working with IT on the technical side. A big project we recently launched was the new homepage, and templates that go with the other pages. I think I have the best job on campus!

Additionally I am involved in community relations meaning I attend certain events and meet some key people outside of Sonoma State University in order to communicate with them about the great university we have here (example: I'm on the Cotati Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and am a member of "Frontliners," a group of public affairs professional who represent their organization to the media and elsewhere, and attend the North Bay Leadership Council’s awards luncheon honoring outstanding people within the community, et al).

How do you use the library?

When I was a student here, I used the library just like any other student, research and reading. It is such a calm place to think through papers and how I was going to take a theory I was learning and turn it into a practical application. Now, as an employee, I can't think of a better place to find a good book to read or do some fun research (such as on quilting or travel). I love theatmosphere there and have heard many great speakers series in the library. I also enjoy the book exchange—just like at Starbucks! (take a book, return a book).

What is your favorite library memory?

I remember when we opened the Schulz Information Center back in 2000. I have fond memories of seeing all the books and materials been carted (literally) from Salazar to the new University Library. What a site! Like a caravan of books. I also recall while the building was under construction walking on the second and third floors across these odd rippled pieces of metal that would eventuallyserve as the under-floor. It was great to be up there and see the view BEFORE the walls were put on.