In Focus: Vicki Irey

" ... the library is no longer just the place to go read – you can learn in a number of ways."

What is your role here at Sonoma State?

My actual title is Work Control System Administrator and Townhouse manager. My primary role is to manage the computer system that issues work orders to the Trades staff for routine maintenance and new work and work orders for special events and conferences on campus. We often joke in the office that I should have started a ‘coffee table book’ many years ago with the crazy work requests I have seen over the years. A couple of my favorites are 1) a student in her 40’s accidentally flushed a potato down her dorm room toilet (really?) or 2) one of the all-time best – removing a stripper pole installed in a dorm room (we shake our heads a lot).

We have 10 townhouses that are leased primarily to incoming faculty to make the housing burden a bit easier for those moving to Sonoma County. The tenants have literally come from around the world. Working with them is one of my favorite roles.

How do you use the library?

I have truly enjoyed the library lecture series over the last few years. There have been topics come up in the lecture series that have encouraged me to ‘get out of my comfort zone’ and learn more – even about subjects that might be disturbing to me. I have learned so much from election study to global warming to immigration.

The music in the library lobby has also been incredibly enjoyable to me. I have seen enough performances now that I’m recognizing many of the students that have so much talent. It kind of reaffirms the pride I have in working on this great campus. The music and the lecture series have shown that the library is no longer just the place to go read – you can learn in a number of ways. I give the library staff huge kudos for taking that chance and offering these things to us.

What is your best library memory?

Without a doubt – The Mystical Arts of Tibet – The Mandala Sand Painting that was on campus April 11 through April 14. To see the Tibetan Monks painstakingly create the mandala before our eyes with millions of grains of sand was nothing short of breathtaking. We were able to see and experience something that many will not in a lifetime.