Why I Vote

Irene Ma

Junior, Environmental Studies and Planning

I'm voting because it's a privilege.

Aeryelle Rivera

Junior, Psychology

I'm voting because who becomes president effects everyone.

Tyler Greene

Senior, Communications/Environmental Studies and Planning

I'm voting because I remember what got us into this mess.

Karen Price

Junior (returning student), Environmental Studies and Planning

I always vote. There are far too many issues on each ballot to let slide. City, county, and state measures are as important as the presidential election, and have a greater impact in my day-to-day life.

Gina Barsanti

Senior, Psychology

I'm voting because too many students our age do not.

James Freed

Graduate Student-Second Year, School of Education

I always vote. It's a privilege and a responsibility. I believe each vote does matter. I also believe the two party system is broken and that we as a country need to embrace and be able to choose from more than just the two party viewpoints.

Cammy York

Junior, Studio Art

I'm voting because I care about our nations’ future.

Brian Cardoza

Junior, Criminal Justice

Because I believe that as a citizen you have the obligation and privilege to vote for who you believe is the right leader to lead our nation.

Tina Harrison

Junior, Marketing

I'm voting because it is my responsibility as a U.S. citizen and it affects my future.

Tyler Dulberg

Junior, Political Science

I am voting because it is my civic duty and privilege.

Annalyse Butler

Junior, Communications

I'm voting because I want to have some influence on what happens with the future of our country.

Leighann Renee Blackwood

Junior, Psychology

I am going to vote because I want my opinions to be heard and I'm excited to have a say and finally be able to vote for such an important issue!

Lauren Luedtke

Junior, English

I am going to vote because I believe every voice matters.

Kirsten Marie Laforga

Junior, Undeclared

I'm voting for our future. Especially my own because I believe in equality for all.

Marissa Hollmann

Senior, Psychology

I will vote because we are given the privilege to have a say in who runs our country. Every vote counts.

Karen Flores

Junior, Sociology

I'm voting for the people who can't.