Felicia Palsson - Instruction Coordinator

  • Contact Information
  • Ph: (707) 664-2951
  • Email: palsson@sonoma.edu
  • Subject Specialties
  • Education, Philosophy, Political Science

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Lead the Library instruction program and information literacy curriculum. Collaborate with faculty to integrate information literacy across the SSU curriculum. Oversee assessment of the instruction program.
  • Teach information literacy classes. Develop instructional materials and pedagogies for the classroom and online (e.g. for the Library website or the Moodle LMS). Coordinate classrooms and manage spaces in the Library Learning and Teaching Center.
  • Provide reference service.
  • Select books and materials in the areas of Education, Philosophy and Political Science. Serve as liaison to Education, Philosophy and Political Science, and provide reference consultations to students in these disciplines.

University Service

  • Educational Policies Committee
  • General Education Committee
  • Program Review Committee
  • Reader, WEPT Examinations


  • Master in Library and Information Science (MLIS) • San Jose State University
  • BA, Philosophy • University of California, Berkeley

Research Areas & Interests

  • Information literacy in the context of new literacies; transliteracy
  • Student Learning Assessment, especially performance-based and integrated, active learning assessment
  • E-learning and distance learning
  • User-centered design; UX; usability testing

Professional Associations

  • American Libraries Association (ALA), 2004 –
  • Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), 2004 –
  • ACRL Instruction Section, 2007 –
  • ACRL Distance Learning Section, 2010 –
  • California Association of Research Libraries (CARL), 2007 –


  • Palsson, F. & McDade, C. L. (Forthcoming Summer 2014). Factors affecting the successful assessment of a FYC information literacy assignment. College & Undergraduate Libraries.
  • Palsson, F. (2012). Usability testing Summon on the USC Libraries home page. In M. Popp, & D. Dallis (Eds.), Planning and implementing resource discovery tools in academic libraries (pp. 303-318). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-1821-3.ch017
  • Sonntag, G. & Palsson, F. (2007). No longer the sacred cow – no longer a desk: Transforming reference service to meet 21st century user needs. Library Philosophy and Practice. Available online: http://unllib.unl.edu/LPP/sonntag-palsson.htm