What's New? Spring Semester, 2013

The Moodle Information Literacy Project
The Moodle Information Literacy Project is a set of interactive instructional lessons for use within Moodle. The goal of the project is to enable faculty to quickly obtain short lessons that meet General Education student learning outcomes (SLOs) in the areas of information literacy and critical thinking.

Currently, the Moodle Information Literacy Project, available from the SSU Moodle home page, contains two lessons: Media Literacy and Evaluating Information. By February we expect to post a third lesson on Avoiding Plagiarism (“Finding Your Voice”). Each lesson contains readings and a video (about 2-3 hours of “homework”), as well as prompts for approximately one hour of in-class discussion (or an in-class activity). These can be imported into any Moodle course and then modified if desired. Contact Felicia Palsson or Carrie McDade with your thoughts and suggestions for additional modules or if you would like to discuss ideas for using the current modules -- felicia.palsson@sonoma.edu or carrie.mcdade@sonoma.edu.

Water Works Digital Exhibit
The Water Works Digital Exhibit presents images, oral histories, articles, and ephemera about inland and ocean waterways of the North Bay was created to support with the campus-wide Water Works Project. Materials in the exhibit come from the Library’s North Bay Digital Collections, Regional & Special Print Collections, University Archives, and interested contributors. Students, staff, and faculty interested in contributing materials to this exhibit are encouraged to contact Lynn Prime at primel@sonoma.edu and visit the exhibit at: http://omeka.sonoma.edu/exhibits/show/waterworks-digital-exhibit.

Login to Library Computers with Seawolf IDs
Beginning January 2013, access to the University Library computers will require login using a Seawolf ID. This change is necessary to ensure that SSU students, faculty, and staff have access to computers to support their coursework and research. Requiring login also better aligns with system wide security practices to protect data and privacy. There will be Quick Search stations located throughout the Library available for searching the Library catalog, electronic journals, and databases without requiring Seawolf ID login.

Reflections of the Earth and Tradition: Contemporary California Indian Art
The exhibition Reflections of the Earth and Tradition: Contemporary California Indian Art in the University Library Art Gallery displays the work of twelve artists of California Indian ancestry. Many are widely exhibited and internationally recognized. In their works, these artists bring forward various aspects of ongoing traditions that have influenced and shaped their world view. The tools, materials, technologies, and issues of contemporary times have allowed this group to freely approach traditional, contemporary, or universally timeless themes with an unlimited array of resources, transitioning into the dominant culture without sacrificing their historical roots. The richness of their ancestry enhances the content of their work and adds a depth that contrasts with the superficialities of much of our contemporary culture. The exhibit runs through March 8, 2013 with a reception January 31, 2013 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Water Works: Student Interpretations
Professor Stephen Galloway’s photography students will exhibit during the second part of the semester. The student photographers will be using the Water Works theme to inspire their work. Stay tuned!