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University Library '' Information Competence in the Freshmen Interest Group'' Project Activities and Calendar:

Information Competence in the Freshmen Interest Group

Project Activities and Calendar:

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Spring/Summer 2001

  1. Project coordinator and librarians plan group training for FIG instructors;
  2. Project coordinator and librarians present project plan to all Educational Mentoring Teams at the Spring 2001 EMT workshop.
  3. Project coordinator and librarians conduct a pre-test to assess prior knowledge of information competence for faculty and peers; librarians offer a group training workshop for FIG instructors focused on the incorporation of information competence skills into the Freshman Seminar component of the FIG program;
  4. Instructors individually develop ideas for student project descriptions specific to their discipline or interest group;
  5. Librarians consult individually with instructors to discuss implementation of targeted instruction in information competence for student projects; instructors prepare new syllabi, incorporating information competence as a learning outcome;
  6. Project coordinator and librarians offer peer advisor training in information competence.

Fall semester 2001:

  1. Librarians conduct a pre-test to determine FIG students' level of information competence;
  2. FIG students learn to define topics within the rubric offered by the student project description developed by their instructors;
  3. Librarians educate FIG students as to resources available for their research project;
  4. FIG students learn research strategies during their Freshman Seminar; librarians participate in FIG study groups in the residence halls, providing information and answering questions;
  5. FIG students participate in pre-scheduled (out-of-class) library workshops to perfect information-finding and evaluating skills;
  6. FIG students locate and evaluate information related to their research topic using library tools, including web-based tutorials on how to do research;
  7. FIG students present the information gleaned in their research, along with a bibliography, to their freshmen peers in the Seminar;
  8. Librarians conduct a post-test to determine new level of information competence attained by students, peers and faculty.

Spring semester 2002:

  1. Follow-up meeting to assess faculty perception of success of program.
  2. Faculty, peers and librarians present a summary of their endeavor to all Freshman Seminar instructors in the spring Educational Mentoring Team workshop;
  3. Project coordinator and librarians use focus groups to assess value of program for faculty and peers;
  4. All deliverables are incorporated into the project webpage.

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