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Information Competence in the Freshmen Interest Group


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Suzanne Toczyski and Karen Brodsky will coordinate the implementation of all projected activities.

Suzanne Toczyski is chair of the Freshmen Seminar Curriculum Committee and a member of the Department of Modern Languages and Literature. As Chair of the curriculum committee, Toczyski spearheaded the articulation of learning outcomes for the Freshman Seminar program. These outcomes resulted in core expectations of library introductions for all Freshmen Seminar students. Toczyski will also be teaching one of the six FIG Freshman Seminars in fall 2001.

Karen Brodsky, Librarian, is coordinator of the University Library instruction program. She is also a member of the Freshmen Seminar Curriculum Committee. Her professional associations include active participation in the California Clearinghouse for Library Instruction and the CSU Information Competency Assessment Workgroup. She is an active member of various information competence initiatives locally and nationally.