Library Orientation Quiz

Please use this version of the quiz ONLY if you cannot access the video version.

To take the quiz, you will need to input your full name and email address so your score can be submitted to your professor. 

  1. Which days of the week is the Library open until midnight?

  2. Where is the Information/Check-Out desk located?

  3. The Contact Us page provides the following:

  4. Which floor is the quietest?

  5. Where can you get help with computer questions? (Select the best answer.)

  6. Printing on the 1st floor includes the following:

  7. Where on the Library homepage can you create a password? (Select the best answer.)

  8. Why is it helpful to write your research topic in the form of a question? (Select the best answer.)

  9. In the database Academic Search Complete, the results refinements include: