Borrow from Libraries Everywhere Transcript

Have you ever wanted a book from the Sonoma State University Library but we didn't have it?

Don't worry!

After you run a search for the name of a book that you want, if you see no results, go to "Repeat search in Link+," which is a borrowing service that links you to more than 50 member libraries. You can request that an item be sent to you here at Sonoma State University.

You will need to verify who you are by entering your Library barcode, which is located on the back side of your Seawolf ID. You will also need to enter your Library password.

If you don't have a Library password, go to My Library Account on the Library Website. You will need to enter your new password here.

What if you find an article that you need? Well, it's the same idea.

After you're done searching and you have found the article you need, you can click "Find It." If the title is not owned by the University Library, we can get it for you through another borrowing process called Interlibrary Loan.

You will have to create an account (with its own password) with the Interlibrary Loan system, but after that, you can order any article that we don't have.

You could receive your item within 24 hours! Isn't that awesome?! With Link+ and Interlibrary Loan, you can borrow what you need from libraries everywhere!

If you need help, you can call, email, chat, or come see us on the 2nd floor of the Library at the Information/Check-Out Desk.