Develop a Research Topic - Decipher My Research Assignment Transcript


Do you have a research assignment and you don’t know what to write about?

Don't Panic!

To pick a great topic a good place to start is making sure you understand your assignment. Ready? Pull out your assignment prompt and answer these 4 questions:

  1. What type of Research Assignment is it?
    • Is it an argument?
      Pick a topic that is persuasive and can be backed up with evidence
    • Is it analysis?
      Pick a topic you can explore from different perspectives
  2. How many pages are required?
    • Less than 5? More than 10?
      Your topic needs to be the right FIT for the length of your paper.
      For example:
      • Less than 5 pages would not be an adequate amount of space to cover a topic as broad as The History of Advertising.
      • More than 10 pages may be far too much space to cover a topic as narrow as the Impact of Kate Moss on Women’s Body Image.
  3. What kinds of outside sources are required?
    • Do you need to include scholarly, peer-reviewed, and/or academic sources?
    • Often this IS a requirement, so you will need to choose a topic that is suitable for research in scholarly sources.
  4. Are topic suggestions supplied by your instructor?
    Did your assignment include topic ideas or themes you need to address?

Highlight all the ideas that are interesting to you And think about how you can apply your own creative spin.