Library Orientation Quiz Transcript

Welcome to the Library Orientation Quiz.

Ready? If not, go back to the Library's "How Do I" page. "How Do I" includes tutorials on creating a Library password, finding books, finding articles, and more!

To take the quiz, you will need to input your full name and email address. This is so we can submit your score to your professor. Ready? Let's go!

  1. Which days of the week is the Library open until midnight?
    1. Monday through Friday
    2. Monday through Thursday
    3. Monday through Saturday
    4. Wednesday through Saturday
  2. Where is the Information/Check-Out desk located?
    1. 1st floor by Charlie Brown’s
    2. 2nd floor by the main entrance beneath the clock tower
    3. 3rd floor by the Library Administration office
  3. The Contact Us page provides the following:
    1. phone numbers to call us
    2. emails for all librarians and staff
    3. hours to visit us in person
    4. all of the above
  4. How many group study rooms are there?
  5. Which floor is the quietest?
    1. 1st floor
    2. 2nd floor
    3. 3rd floor
    4. on the roof
  6. Where can you get help with computer questions? (Select the best answer.)
    1. Tech Help desk
    2. Charlie Brown’s
    3. Library homepage
  7. Printing on the 1st floor includes the following:
    1. color printing and black-and-white
    2. black-and-white only
    3. there is no printing on the 1st floor
  8. What is Link+?
  9. Where on the Library homepage can you create a password? (Select the best answer.)
    1. Contact Us
    2. Services
    3. My Library Account
    4. Policies
  10. What is the library term for the series of numbers and letters that's usually printed on the spine of a book?
  11. Why is it helpful to write your research topic in the form of a question? (Select the best answer.)
    1. One or two words aren’t enough for a good topic.
    2. Using a focused question can help you determine the scope of a topic.
    3. Asking questions is part of the Socratic method.
    4. All research topics have to be questions, or else it wouldn’t be research.
  12. In the database Academic Search Complete, the results refinements include:
    1. Date, Scholarly
    2. Date, Scholarly, Full Text
    3. Date, Full Text
    4. Date, Scholarly, Full Text, References Available