Library Tour: a student's perspective - transcript

The Library at Sonoma State University understands the unlimited potential of the students, faculty, and visitors it hosts. The Library was built with an objective to create a positive environment for these individuals and act as the instrument that sparks this untapped potential of human nature. Guests to the Library will discover that each part of the Library is crafted specifically to accommodate their needs.
The Sonoma State University Library - recognizes the diversity of the students it accommodates and the different pathways that each student will take to excel. Its first and second floors are open to both individual and group study, while the third floor is designated for quiet study. The third floor also holds the group study rooms where students can work in groups on projects and not be concerned about noise level.

Help is always readily available at the Library. Help desks located on the first, second, and third floors can help a student with any questions regarding the Library space or technology in the Library.

Also at the Library is an assortment of technological equipment to further a student’s study and work experience.  In addition to the personal computers and photocopiers available for public use throughout the facility, the Library also holds a Digital Lab. This houses scanners and computers with media-creation programs like iMovie and Photoshop.

The Library also boasts an Automated Retrieval System. This retrieval system provides quick access to a three-story, computer-managed storage system with a capacity for over 750,000 items, freeing up space in the building for students to study. This system contains archived journals, theses, and less-circulated items; and allows students to access these with the click of a button.

The Sonoma State University Library is an incredible place for a student. It can range from this social watering hole to this academic sanctuary. It is a necessary tool in the evolution of intellectual progression, and an incredible thing to be a part of.