User Guidelines for Special Collections

The majority of the Library's regional materials are found on publicly accessible shelves (3rd floor south near the windows). Additional regional and special materials are in private areas. Books, journals, manuscripts, photographs, newspapers, and artifacts are the types of items found in special collections. These resources are considered to be valuable, rare, fragile or otherwise unsuited for open shelves.

You will find all items in Special Collections in the Library's online catalog, Snoopy, often with a link to a more detailed description. A complete list of special collections is found on the Library's Special Collections web site. To view selected special materials online, visit North Bay Digital Collections.

To examine print materials from locations such as "Special Collections", "Gaye LeBaron Room", "Waring Jones Room" or "Regional Archives", an appointment is required. To set a time and date, contact us.

Before your appointment:

  • we may ask about your specific research goals so that we can suggest additional resources.

At your appointment:

  • you will need your SSU ID or other form of identification
  • you will not be permitted to use ink for note taking; pencils are provided
  • use of electronic equipment, such as handheld scanners and cameras, will require approval
  • photocopying is performed for a fee by Library staff, with condition and copyright considerations