Papers by John Cummings

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The Origin of the Name Sebastopol

Ample and Pure Water for Santa Rosa (full index)

The Awful Offal of Sebastopol

A BIG PUDDLE - The Early Laguna de Santa Rosa

"Crystal Laughing Waters" - Historical Glimpses of the Laguna de Santa Rosa

Draining and Filling the Laguna de Santa Rosa

Early Sebastopol [an index to newspaper articles with abstracts]

  • Part 1 1855 - 1875 ~ A Resort in the County
  • Part 2 1876 - 1886 ~ Not a "Hard" Place
  • Part 3 1887 - 1890 ~ A Sleepy Hollow No More
  • Part 4 1891 - 1894 ~ Sprightly Sebastopol - a Lively Burg

Fish and Pisciculture in 19th Century Sonoma County

Laguna de Santa Rosa: Index of the microfilm files of the Sebastopol Times 1895 - 1965

Sebastopol's Airport (full index)

The Sewage of Santa Rosa (full index)