Library Resources & Services for People with Disabilities

The University Library is committed to providing equal access to its resources and services to all SSU students, faculty and staff, regardless of ability. Library users with disabilities who wish to identify themselves as such may request services at any service desk. Extensive instruction or services may require an appointment.

Disability Services for Students (DSS) can provide additional support for users needing ongoing or extensive assistance accessing library materials.

Building Access

Campus Accessibility

  • The Campus Accessibility Map (pdf) shows locations of accessible paths, building entrances, and restrooms, as well as disabled parking areas and TTY telephones across campus.
  • See the Library map for locations within the Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center.


  • The closest disabled parking spaces to the library are in Lot C, located on the south side of the Information Center.  See map (pdf) for locations.
  • All vehicles using disabled parking spaces must also display a valid daily parking permit or semester parking decal. Contact Police and Parking Services for more information.


  • From Lot C, the approach to the library with least change in incline is the path from the west end of lot C, which circles the building and reaches the first floor entrance.  From the Stevenson/Darwin quad, use the second floor ramp.
  • Both the first and second floor entrances have automatic doors, with ramps leading to both entrances.


  • All restrooms in the library are fully wheelchair accessible.
  • The first and second floor restrooms have door-assists.
  • See Library map for locations.


  • The elevator in the north wing of the library serves floors 1-3.
  • The south wing elevator serves floors 2-3. You cannot return to the first floor in this elevator.


  • A wheelchair-accessible public telephone and a campus phone are located across from the Information/Check-Out Desk on the second floor.
  • A TTY telephone is available on the second floor.
  • Additional campus phones are available on the 3rd and 1st floors.

Book stacks

  • The book stacks (areas where the books are shelved) have ADA-compliant widths to accommodate wheelchairs. Many are also counter-height.
  • Library staff at any service desk can assist users in obtaining materials on shelves that are not reachable.

Emergency procedures

  • Emergency alarms are both audible and visible. In the event of an emergency, users should proceed to the nearest exit and not use the elevators.
  • If someone is on the third floor and needs assistance, he or she should wait near the elevator for assistance. The library has an emergency evacuation chair mounted in the main stairwell. Library staff will check the elevator areas and call for assistance to help users safely exit the building.


Assistive technology workstations - available to SSU students, staff and faculty only

  • The library has four workstations equipped with assistive technology:
    • First Floor - Schulz 1025 (Two Workstations)
    • Second Floor - South (Two Workstation)
    • Third Floor - Schulz 3046 (One Workstation)
  • Each accessible workstation in the University Library has the following assistive technology hardware and software:
    • Dragon Naturally Speaking (Speech Recognition Software)
    • Kurzweil 3000 (Text-to-Speech Software)
    • JAWS (Screen Reader Software)
    • Zoomtext (Screen Magnification Software)
    • Height-Adjustable Tables
    • Document Scanners
    • Large Monitors
  • A larger AsTech Lab is located in IT, on the 1st floor, south
  • These workstations and training in their use are supported by Disability Services for Students (DSS). Contact DSS at 4-2677 to make an appointment.

Additional computing and equipment

  • All the computers in the library have basic ability to magnify screens.
  • Headphones are available to check out from the Information/Check-Out Desk on the 2d floor.
  • Scanners with OCR software are available in the Digital Lab on the 2d floor. Instruction in the use of the scanning software is available by appointment. Contact DSS at 4-2677 or via email at
  • A wireless network is available for laptop access, although if you are not a current SSU student, you will need to register with IT (M-F 8-5) for a temporary 1-week login.
  • The Information/Check-Out Des on the 2d floor has several magnifiers to loan.

Printing and photocopying

  • Printing and photocopying are available for ten cents per page. Color copies are $1 per page.
  • Assistance with printing and/or photocopying can be provided at the Information/Check-Out Desk or the 1st floor Tech Help desk.
  • If more than 10 minutes is required for such assistance, (and depending how busy the desk is), the user may be referred to DSS or asked to make an appointment.


  • The library offers a variety of seating, tables and study areas. 
  • Each of the instructional labs has several worktables that adjust in height.

Braille Maps

  • The library has braille maps of the the library available for borrowing at the Information/Check-Out Desk.


  • We work closely with our vendors to provide eresources that are accessible, whenever possible.  Ask at the Information/Check-Out Desk for assistance using these resources.
  • The Library subscribes to more than 100 different databases, including 30,000 or so e-journals, and 25,000 ebooks. Most can be used with screen readers, can be magnified, include alternate text for images, and captioned video.
  • Articles that are provided in PDF may or may not be readable by text readers, depending on how they were originally created.  You will need a PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader or Preview to view PDFs
  • SSU students may access the Library's catalog and the articles and databases from off-campus. You must have a current SSU ID and a Library Password.


  • The Library has been a leader for many years in providing accessible and 508-compliant web pages.  There are a few exceptions due to specialized services where the vendor does not provide accessible code.  In those cases we are evaluating alternatives, with the goal of having all library web services accessible.


  • Media materials, such as DVDs, are purchased with closed captions whenever available.
  • You can browse a list of captioned DVDs and videos, or search our Snoopy Library catalog for a list of captioned DVDs and videos, by doing a keyword search for the phrase "Video recordings for the hearing impaired."

Printed materials

Special/Regional Materials


  • Items that have been put on reserve for your class by your instructors may be available in either print or electronic formats.
  • Print reserves should be requested at the Information/Check-Out Desk. They may be checked out for a short amount of time (often 2 hours) so that all members of the class have access. You may photocopy or scan them for your use.


Research assistance

  • Come to the Information/Check-Out Desk on the second floor for assistance in finding and accessing the information you need. If others are waiting, we may need to limit the initial consultation to ten minutes and make an appointment for more extended assistance.
  • To make an appointment, call 664-2161.
  • If you are online you can also send questions to our Need Help email service or Help 24/7 service.
  • Subject-specific research guides are also available.

Media & Microform

  • If you need assistance using media materials (DVDs, CDs, LPs, etc.) or microform, ask for assistance at the Information/Check-Out Desk on the second floor.

Interlibrary Services

  • Staff will assist with identifying the best service to use, to make sure the Library does not already own the materials, and to fill out the forms. Ask for assistance at the Information/Check-Out Desk.

Retrieving materials

  • Circulating materials (i.e., ones that can be checked out) may be requested and picked up at the Information/Check-Out Desk on the second floor. This service is generally available within 15 minutes, but that may vary depending on the level of staffing.
  • Assistance with printing and/or photocopying can be provided at the the Information/Check-Out Desk or the 1st floor desk.
  • If more than 10 minutes is required for such assistance, (and depending how busy the desk is), the user may be referred to DSS or asked to make an appointment. Library staff may contact Disability Services for Students, if needed.


Disability Services for Students (DSS)

  • DSS provides specific academic-related accommodations such as disability management, advising, note takers, alternate media, assistive technology, and other reasonable accommodations.

Information Technology

  • Contact the IT Help Desk (707) 664-HELP (664-4357) or for assistance with your personal computing needs.

Accessible Technology Initiative

  • ATI is the CSU commitment to providing access to information resources and technologies for students and the university's public with disabilities (physical, sensory, cognitive, learning).