Borrow a Laptop

Current SSU students, faculty, and staff may borrow laptops from the Information/Check-Out Desk on the 2nd floor. Laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

What you need to borrow a laptop

  • Photo ID
  • A library account in good standing
  • Flash Drive is recommended (to save your work and take it away with you)

What you get

Loan Period

  • The normal loan period is 4 hours.
  • Renewals are allowed when there is no one waiting. Laptop renewals must be done in-person.
  • Failure to return the laptop on time will result in an hourly fine.

Loan Enforcement

  • The University Library reserves the right to deny checkout privileges based on past abuses.
  • The borrower agrees to return the laptop equipment in the same order and condition as when received and if such equipment is damaged or lost while on loan, agrees to reimburse the university for the costs of repair or replacement with new equipment of the same type.

Software on the Laptops

  • Adobe Reader
  • Firefox
  • Flip4Mac – Windows Media Plugin and Silverlight plugin
  • Google Chrome
  • MS Office
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Powerpoint
    • Publisher
    • Access
  • MPEG Streamclip – converts Windows video type to .mov
  • OIV
  • Quicktime
  • RealPlayer
  • TextEdit
  • VLC – universal audio/video player
  • Windows Media Player

Overdue Charges

  • Overdue charges of $1.00 per hour are assessed if the laptop is not returned on time.
  • There is no grace period.
  • Please report loss, damage, or defect to the Information/Check-Out Desk immediately.

Printing Your Work

  1. Log into the Sonoma State Wireless
  2. Print your document normally from the application you are using.
  3. Select the printer.
  4. Enter a name of your choosing to describe the print job
  5. Enter your full name, e.g., Jane Patron. Use names that are unique
  6. A print notification will appear showing the number of pages, the cost to print them, and the location of the Print Release Station where the document(s) can be picked up.
  7. Go to the appropriate Print Release Station.
    1. Once you have located the appropriate Print Release Station, move the mouse to exit the screensaver and move it again to show the print job queue.
    2. Choose the job(s) you wish to print by clicking on its name with the mouse. The names you filled in the two dialog boxes (one dialog box on a Windows machine) are used to identify your job.
    3. The system will let you know how much it will cost to print your document(s). Insert coins into the cash machine next to the Print Release Station. Change will be given for any amount not used. Currency includes nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar denominations of $1.
    4. Click "Print" to send the selected jobs to the printer. Once these are successfully sent, the printer will produce the page(s) and change will be given if applicable.
    5. Click on "Log Off & Receive Change" button.


  • Please, do not leave the library laptops unattended. You are responsible for the laptop checked out to you. The Library is not responsible for loss while checked out to you.
  • Personal software may not be loaded onto the laptop. No user files will be retained on the hard disk.


  • For technical questions about operation of the library laptops, please go to one of the Tech Help Desks.
  • Please report any hardware or software problems to staff at the Information/Check-Out Desk when returning the laptop.