How to create your Library Password

Call Information/Check-Out Desk (664-2375) for assistance

  1. Connect to the Library's home page:
  2. Click on "My Library Account" in the blue navigation of the Library's home page.
  3. Type in your 14 digit barcode number from your campus ID or library card.
  4. Type in your library password. (6 character minimum, with a combination of letters and numbers, e.g., Ch3ck5).
  5. Click "Submit."
  6. Enter the barcode again and the new password two more times.
  7. Click "Submit.
  8. If all was successful you should get a screen similar to this:

If you get an error message, ask for assistance at the Information/Check-Out Desk (664-2375) or Need Help?

Why do I need a library password?

Library passwords (along with your 14 digit barcode number from your campus ID card) are used to verify eligibility for library services, such as:

  • Accessing articles and full-text databases (Academic Search, Lexis/Nexis, etc.) from off-campus computers. (Current SSU students, faculty and staff only).
  • Viewing your Library Account to see what you currently have checked out and when it's due back.
  • Renewing non-reserve items online (one time only).
  • Placing holds on items not currently available.
  • Seeing if you have any unpaid fines.
  • Borrowing items through LINK+.
  • NOTE: Interlibrary Loan requires a separate registration and login.

Your library password is different from the password used to check grades, class schedules, etc.

  • You need to create a library password on the library's website.
  • For your convenience you may decide to make your library password the same as your campus password.

Modify your library password

  1. Log into "My Library Account".
  2. Select Modify your password.
  3. A new window appears.
    1. Enter your current library password.
    2. Type in a new Library password.
    3. Type your new Library password again.
  4. Click "Submit."

Any other cool tricks?

If you log into your Library Account before searching the Snoopy Library Catalog, you may:

  • Save your searches in the Snoopy Library Catalog.
  • Request that your saved searches be run each week and an email be sent to you whenever anything new is added to the catalog on that topic.
  • Note: If you use this function you should be aware of privacy concerns: staff will not have access to this information. However, with the appropriate court order, it is possible that law enforcement officials could gain access to your saved searches. If this is of concern to you, you should not use this feature.