What is LINK+?

  • LINK+ is a single catalog that provides searching and borrowing access to the 5 million unique titles of over 40 participating libraries.
  • The system allows patrons of participating libraries to request books not available in their own library, and to have them delivered to their own library for check-out.

How does one make a LINK+ request?

  • Search Snoopy; if you can't find what you need or if SSU owns the book but it is not available, select "Repeat in Link+" or search LINK+ directly
  • Check "Request this item". Enter your name, the barcode number on your SSU I.D. and Library password.

When and where are items delivered?

  • Allow 3-4 days.
  • Items will be held for pickup for 10 days.
  • Monitor the status of LINK+ requests through My Library Account in the Snoopy Library Catalog (listed under holds).
    When the status is listed as "LINK+ RECV'D" the item is ready for pickup at the Information/Check-Out Desk (2d floor)
  • A pickup notification will be sent to your official SSU email address.
  • If a request cannot be satisfied through LINK+, you will receive an email notification to that effect, and the request will automatically be removed from your record.

How long can items be kept?

  • The loan period is 21 days, with one renewal of 21 days.
  • LINK+ books may be renewed online through My Library Account, before the original due date, for 21 additional days from the date of renewal.
  • LINK+ books with due dates during school breaks must be renewed or returned by their due date to avoid fines. Use the drop box in front of the Library when it is closed.

What are LINK+ fines and replacement costs?

  • The overdue fine for items returned after the due date is $1.00 per day per item.
  • Replacement cost for lost or damaged LINK+ books is $115.00.
  • Items returned in damaged condition are also assessed at $115.00.
  • Lending libraries may be willing to negotiate these fines. Before paying, please contact ILL Coordinator, Dawnelle Ricciardi at 664-2877.

Who may use it?

  • LINK+ is available to current SSU students, faculty and staff.

What's available to borrow?

  • Books listed as "available" in LINK+ can be borrowed.
  • Titles owned by SSU but currently unavailable, e.g., missing or checked out to another patron, may be requested through LINK+.
  • Online resources to which SSU does not subscribe cannot be accessed.
  • Journals, articles & videos are generally not available for loan.

Can LINK+ requests be cancelled?

  • To cancel a LINK+ request, log into My Library Account, click on holds.
  • If an item still has a "Requested" status it may be canceled.
  • If the item is "In Transit" or "LINK+ Recv'd" the request may not be canceled.

Pick up Anywhere

This LINK+ service allows you to place a request as an SSU patron, but designate a different Pick Up Anywhere LINK+ participating library as the pick up location. This is an item by item option. Books borrowed in this way may be returned to any LINK+ library but due dates returned, overdue fines and replacement costs apply.

Visiting Patron Option

  • If you visit another LINK+ participating library and find an item you would like to borrow, you may do so directly at the Information/Check-Out Desk of that library.
  • Items borrowed in this manner may be returned to the lending library or your home library.